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Slitting is a process that cuts a large roll of material into smaller rolls. This process can be used to cut a wide variety of materials. In particular, it can be used to cut paper, plastics, rubber, or textiles.

A slitter machine is used to perform this task. It has two primary functions: unwinds a roll and slits it into a narrower roll. Slitting machine Several types of slitting machines include shear slitting, rewind slitting, and roll slitting. Shear slitting is best for quick conversions. Rewind slitting is suitable for continuous high-speed operation.

Slitting is commonly used in the converting industry because of its low cost and ability to achieve precision. However, the quality of slitting tools is essential. Professional slitting machines are required to meet specific production standards. They may be manual or automated, running at speeds from 10m/min for unique metal webs to 5000m/min for paper-making processes.

Several slitting machines are available, varying in price and performance. The company has three leading factories in Jiangsu province, China, and a global customer base. Their primary focus is research and development, offering effective after-sales services. Jota Machinery offers a wide range of high-quality products.

Slitting is used in the paper manufacturing and textile industries, as well as in the plastics, aluminum, and steel industries. Various materials can be slitted, including paper, cardboard, adhesive tapes, and even soft plastics. A slitting machine requires a sharp knife, correct blade clearance, and the proper alignment of all elements to ensure accurate slitting. Moreover, it needs to be set up correctly to ensure accurate measurements. X-ray slitting machines are an excellent option for inspection, as they offer faster quality control procedures.

Slitting is also used in fabric manufacturing, especially for laminated and other unique products. For laminated and unique products, fabric slitting machines feature a manual needle drop control and shear cutting system. Moreover, they also have electric heat-cutting solutions.

Slitting is often done using a bladed knife holder, although some machines are equipped to monitor the health of knives. Bladed knives must be maintained high for the machine’s life. Some machines are equipped with an automatic sharpening system, which enables them to do the work in the least amount of time.

The slitting tools used to manufacture fabric are designed to slit a coiled sheet into two narrow strips, allowing for fast conversions. These tools are a critical component in AD Protex bags, which are used for packaging aluminum foil. Likewise, the slitting tools used in manufacturing copper foil are designed to slit the foil into thin strips.

There are two types of roll slitting: log and rewind slitting. Roll slitting is a shearing operation. Typically, a material will fracture at about 7 degrees to 9 degrees, depending on the material being slit.

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