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The Buddhist funeral service is fundamental and easy to follow. This Buddhist Funeral service is suited for families searching for easy yet dignified service with a warm sympathy from the funeral home. There are no elaborate decorations, flowers, or special attire. Everything is casual and standard. This Buddhist Funeral Services is suitable for all religions and does not differentiate between the faiths.

As a bereaved family member, you can opt for any of the following Buddhist funeral service options. The cremation wake will consist of several family members holding a memorial service for the deceased. This Buddhist Funeral Services will charge additional fees for the cremation wake. Some things may be charged on top of the regular subscription fee:

Embalming: This is optional in the Buddhist funeral package. It is also charged separately. The cremation provider will conduct the wake, and other family members may attend the wake. If you choose to have the wake conducted by a Buddhist monk, they will perform the cremation rites.

In the typical setup, the deceased have their ashes held at the center of the memorial stone. However, if you choose to follow the setup of the Shui mirror where the ashes of the deceased are set up, then the ashes will be placed in the middle of the mirror, and the memorial stone will be placed in front. Some of the essential services provided in the Buddhist funeral services include:

The Buddhist funeral package also incorporates the funeral service process followed by the viewing of the cremated remains. This service is usually done by a Buddhist monk or nun who reads verses of Buddhist scriptures during the service. Some families opt to watch a short tribute video created by a professional video artist instead of an entire service life.

Meditation and Breathwork – As in most other examples of Shinto, Buddhist funeral services also incorporate meditation and breathing techniques. A memorial candle is lit that symbolizes the life of the deceased. The deceased is then drawn into the flame, representing what they represent – their life. Families also use prayer cards created by a Buddhist practitioner to provide help during the healing process.

Vegetarian Offerings: The Buddhist funeral package also provides several vegetarian offerings that families can make. There are many Buddhist offerings such as incense sticks, stalks of ginseng, wood, and bamboo. Some families even have the bamboo pieces set up as a part of the ceremony.

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Families who choose to make their offerings may find that doing so is more personalized. Others feel that it’s essential to purchase from a reputable company, especially if the deceased had many standard items in their life. Those who choose to go with standard Buddhist offerings, including incense sticks and stalks of ginseng, often see these items sold for very little on the wholesale market. This factor alone may sway some families to create their Buddhist consignment basins.

Many Buddhist practitioners believe that a funeral service doesn’t need to follow any particular pattern. They believe that the funeral service should incorporate basic Buddhist teachings and symbols. When this is done, it’s not difficult to find a variety of styles of Buddhist rituals. The Buddhist religion also requires no specific rituals, so a person can choose the kinds of Buddhist funeral services they would like.

Pricing for these types of Buddhist funeral packages can vary greatly depending on the number of items to be purchased. Those looking to purchase a three-days of the Buddha’s activities from the Buddhist teachings should expect to pay between ten and twenty dollars. These packages can be personalized with an additional charge, but they’re usually relatively easy to find. However, it’s possible to find a package at a price within your budget.

One of the more popular Buddhist funeral services offered by companies outside of America includes Wicca, or “church” and Spirit Preparation. Wicca isn’t a religion but a way of life. Some companies offer Wicca-themed services complete with prayers, hymns, music, and even special effects. A standard Wicca package includes a church altar, four candles representing the sun, moon, earth, and rain, a ring bearer, a scripture, and an offering. All of these items are customizable to the individual client.

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